3 Steps To Making The Perfect Proposal

So you have found the perfect person to get married to and spend the rest of your life with. While falling in love was nerve wracking; now proposing seems worse. However, worry not as proposing to your girlfriend need not be so stressful with the right plan. Follow the basic steps given below in order to make it a memorable one and one that will have your girlfriend say yes without a moment’s hesitation. 

Make sure that you are both ready 

One of the common reasons why a proposal is rejected is because you do not consider whether the other party is ready to get married. So before you take the plunge, you must know for sure whether you are ready yourself and find out subtly from your partner if they are too. This will keep you from considering a deed of separation Singapore soon after the marriage. Ask yourself a few important questions, such as whether or not you can live without her, if your answer is no, then it would be the ideal time to propose. However, consider other factors such as how well do you know each other, the hardships, strengths and weaknesses you know about each other. Never propose for the wrong reasons such a pressure from family or friends. It is important that your partner is in the same place as you are in terms of settling down. 

Picking the ring 

Picking the right ring is the next tedious step; however this mainly depends on your partners taste. If you can find out what kind of a ring she likes, then you can casually get her opinion and pick out the ring. Rest assured however, most girls find the entire moment special and leave very little room of complaints on the type of ring that was chosen, so in case you do not get any hints, don’t worry, you will not have to pick the best divorce lawyer Singapore for it.  

Pick the right time and location 

Timing is imperative. For a proposal to be perfect, you need to pick the right time too. It is important to strike a balance between surprising her by popping the question but making sure she is not completely off guard. For example; she might not know the exact time and location but giving her an idea that a proposal might be happening in the near future will keep her guessing but not completely unaware. Once the time is decided upon, pick the location. An ideal place would be a location that is romantic as well as private and special to the both of you.