August 2017

People have to make rational decisions sometimes, or maybe the decisions that should have to make in order to move on with their lives. There comes a time, that you got to say good bye to your parents’ house and start your college life, in a dorm room most probably, or a house that you rented out by yourself or with your college mates. Let’s say you are done with your college studies and ready to face the world which you never have experienced, a job. Yes! You might start your career after college. This job you got may be in the same city you are currently in or may be in another city far away that you have to move to another place, one way or another because you can’t live in your college dorm forever, right?

But where?

Mostly people go along with the apartment choices. They try to find an apartment which is very close to their work places which is in walking distance so that they do not have to worry about getting late or the traffic or any transportation expenses. And try to find an apartment which they can afford. A cheap apartment equals less facilities. That means, the apartment can be very old, use by numerous amount of roomies starting from the day it had being build. So the water facilities, electricity, gas might not work. So if you are adamant on renting or buying the place, you should have talk with your land lord and make the changes to the place like rewiring or installing new wiring.

If not

Suppose, you do not have much knowledge on these stuff, like checking whether the facilities on the place are working or not, but you should be aware of that the place’s old, and any accident can happen in any given moment. So that you have to have the contacts of right people, like a licensed electrician Singapore who can help you in a challenging situation like this, as accidents can happen in any time. If not, then you got to insure yourself, and you should try talking to your land lord and ask him or her if the place is insured or not, if not, then you should have to convince him or her to insure it, as it something happens to the place, you can’t hold the full responsibility and spend money to rebuild the place, right?

It’s better

So if you are planning to move in to an apartment, it’s better if you do a background check on the place beforehand, so that, you don’t have to face unfortunate events and be the one to hold the responsibility to it.

When you are starting to run a business from scratch it takes a great deal of time and effort to get things up and running and actually make something of your company. In the beginning it will be tough for you to manage everything. That is to say as your finances are not going to be great in the beginning; you really need to control how much you spend on things. This generally leads to you having to cut down on certain things so that you can afford others. But what most people don’t realize is that there are certain things that you have cheaper alternatives to.

Now at the beginning hiring staff is going to be a bit of a problem as hiring a permanent employee entails a certain amount of responsibilities and costs. But there are certain staff requirements that you can look to outsource. Your requirement of an IT staff is something that you can do without. Whether it is desktop support services or other service requirements they can all be met a lot cheaper if you are willing to outsource the job. At the start it is absolutely pointless to keep an in house IT staff member or members. It is a cost that you can do without. There are certain other advantages to outsourcing the job as well.

For an example if its providing antivirus solutions Singapore to your computer you don’t have to wait until your in-house IT guy gets around to doing it for everybody. You will have to buy the software, get it delivered etc. Whereas if you ask a professional company to do it you will just have to pay them once the job is done. You will not have anything to worry about. Similarly when it comes to equipment and such for your in-house IT guys you will have to buy the necessary equipment and as you are paying them as well you might not be able to afford the best equipment. But if you hire a company they will generally have the best equipment as it is a competitive market and as such you would have access to a more quality job for a lower cost.

Even in a situation where there is a crisis your IT guy or guys may have trouble dealing with the situation, but in the case of a company someone qualified will be found and sent to resolve your problem. You can always rely on them to do the needful. Of course you will have to do some research and find a good place. All in all hiring a company to do the IT work is a much better way of getting about things at the very least in the beginning. Later if you can afford it you can hire people. But keep in mind that even large companies nowadays use outsourced companies as it is easier.