4 Types Of Earth Moving Equipment

Construction industry is an industry which uses many kinds of equipment. With the growing technology, it has seen many new innovations which would make construction much easier than before. From buildings to roads to underwater, these equipments could build any structure that would make people speechless. There are four main sectors of construction equipment. They are namely, earth moving equipment, construction vehicle, material handling equipment and construction equipment. So here are some of the examples for earth moving equipment.

1. ExcavatorThis is probably the most commonly used machinery at in the whole construction industry. It consists of a digging bucket, an articulated arm and a cab on a rotating base. It is mainly used for digging and moving around large objects. It is also used for demolition, material handling, landscaping, forestry work, lifting and placing of pipes, mining etc. You could see this machine at any construction site such as building construction, road construction and many more. You could see them in large and small sizes. Hence, they are used at any scale of project. For simple demolitions of houses or shops, there are small-sized excavators. For larger projects there are massive excavators. For any purpose they are very easy to get since nowadays there is construction machinery rental in Singapore too.

2. LoaderThis is heavy equipment that is used to load materials onto another type of machinery. The best example could be loading demolition waste onto a dump truck. Loaders have high productivity and low maintenance cost compared to other machines such as excavators or backhoes. It has a large bucket which could load massive quantities of soil or dirt at once, with a short arm that would do the job perfectly. Apart from loading, this is useful in laying pipes and also used in small excavations.

3. BackhoeA backhoe would have a digging arm at the back and a larger arm that operates as a loader at the front. The difference between this and an excavator is that the excavator does not have an arm like a loader and also, an excavator can rotate 360 degrees while the backhoe arm could rotate only 200 degrees. Modern backhoes and other modern construction machinery are powered by hydraulics. These are mainly used at digging and also loading material.

4. BulldozerThese are tracked crawlers which are excellent in road construction since its heavy weight could push down soil and make the ground even. The two main parts of it are the blade and ripper. The blade is a heavy metal plate at the front of the bulldozer that is used to push around soil and debris. The ripper at the back is a claw like arm that is good for heavy ripping.