Making Your Event More Awesome With More Photography!

What are the basic tips to keep in mind when hiring a photo booth for your wedding? Find out below!

  • Pay attention to the quality of photos – to start with, the traditional photobooths you know of did not exactly have the photo quality you can see with professional photos. However, there have been many improvements in both camera quality and photo manipulation methods, which means that today, you can get very decent pictures even with the cheaper smartphone cameras. When it comes to hiring a photo booth, you will need to focus on what size of prints you are aiming for – the regular, small photo strips, or larger ones? Depending on your answer, you should be prepared to shell out more for a higher resolution.
  • The location of the booth – whether your wedding takes place in a reception hall or at the beach, you will need significant space for the photo You cannot exactly place the photo booth in some remote corner of the venue either, because then, you can definitely expect a number of guests missing it or simply feeling too bored to go to it. A photo booth needs to be placed in a location that is easily visible and accessible, such as close to the entrance of the venue. You can ask the instant photo booth provider in Singapore for ideas on where it is best placed.
  • How many guests and how much space? – The other factor you need to consider when it comes to photo booths is the size of your guest list and the space you have. The general idea is that guests will often like to take pictures together – not to add, you yourself will naturally want to take photos of the entire bridal entourage (the wedding couple, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen). This means that you can expect at least ten to twenty people wanting to use the photo booth at the same time – you can guess from this that you will need a large open photo booth. However, if you are struggling with space, you might want to consider a traditional, arcade-style photo booth.

Letting your guests know – whilst you might indeed place the booth in plain view for the guests, you should not forget to let them know to use it. This is because your guests won’t initiate something without your permission, and also because, even if the photo booth is in plain view, they might eventually forget about it once the event starts. Make sure to have your announcer or best man give a quick and clear announcement to all guests to use the booth – the earlier on you do this, the more guests will be able to use it.