How To Decorate Your Home

Have you ever visited a friend or family member’s apartment and thought ‘Wow, I wish I had his/her great eye for decorating’. While, it is true that some individuals are born with a great flair for styling and decorating their homes it does not mean that the other individuals are incapable of owning tastefully and gracefully decorate homes. Instead, one can go on their way to own a magazine worthy home by following the tips mentioned below.

Color Scheme

One should first determine the landed property interior design in Singapore and see whether the color scheme that is in existent compliments the ideas you may have in your mind about the style you wish to achieve. If, it does not then you should begin to create a color palette with a basic color for the entire house along with the accent colors one may require for each and every room of the house.

Focal Point

A focal point is the emphasized feature of a room which causes everyone’s eyes to be drawn to it when they walk into the room. One should first determine whether the landed interior design already contains a focal point such as a chandelier, large windows, fireplaces etc. If, it does then one can place the furniture and select a wall color that would complement this feature. However, if the rooms do not possess an in built feature then one should begin to create one of their own. In order to do this one can paint the entire room one neutral color except for one wall which is to be painted with an accent color. Thereafter, one can proceed to complement this color by hanging artworks or photographs. Furthermore, it is also possible for one to create a focal point based on the future use of the room. For instance if one wishes for a room to be treated as the recreational room then the TV along with the gaming system should hold the place as the focal point. Once, this focal point is selected one can either select colors that would complement this feature or colors that would highlight it such as contrasting colors.


As you may already be aware there are various types of lighting available and if one proceeds to utilize them creatively and in a smart manner they would be able to create an entire new dimension using only lighting. In order to achieve this one must proceed to add ambient lighting to each and every room but then they should use task lighting in rooms such as the Study, Office Room, Reading Area. Furthermore, in rooms such as the living area one can also proceed to utilize accent lights to accentuate different features of the room such as an expensive piece of art work.

Thus, with the help of this article one may realize that they do not need to contain a creative flair instead one is only required to be smart and knowledgeable.