Ways To Feel Good After Walking Too Much

Thanks to the conveniences of modern transportation, humans are walking less and less now in developed countries; developing countries are fast following suit. This contributes to the rise in obesity and many other diseases whose trigger factor is excessive and unnecessary weight gain. The upshot of this is that if and when people decide to walk, they walk too much in the false belief that a sudden burst of activity can curb the calories they have consumed. Unfortunately, walking long distances without prior preparation can lead to muscle fatigue, joint aches and even sprains; regular walkers have legs that are toned and adapted to their gait, so if you are an infrequent walker who is experiencing any of the above side effects, here are a few things you can do to ease your discomfort.

Soak and Relax

If you don’t have time for a bubble bath, try physio treatment Singapore at home in the form of a warm foot bath; put your aching feet in a basin of warm water and let it rest for about 15-20 minutes. The hot water will help loosen the tightened muscles and bones and help them feel better. Afterwards, dry your feet and apply a soothing balm to your ankles to dull the pain. There are plenty of over the counter medicines that will fit the bill. You can also massage the feet a bit before applying the balm so that you get the full benefit of the soak.

Full Body Massage

Sometimes, the aches and pain is not from regional stress but from incorrect posture. For instance, slumping forwards when walking puts too much strain on your lower back and this can cause pain all along the spine as well as in your ankles. The same is true if your body is more accustomed to sitting in a chair as opposed to moving about; your heels will feel like they are about to fall off. One way of easing the pain is to see an osteopath or masseuse (even a chiropractor will do) and have them give you a full body massage. These professionals know how the musculoskeletal systems work and will know which muscles to knead and which to stretch in order to relieve all your pain and discomfort.

So the next time you decide to walk, be a little prepared: stretch and warm up first, roll those ankles a bit, and don’t go powering off at full speed at first. Start off gently and gradually increase the pace and speed. That way your body won’t be as fatigued and you will be able to sustain yourself for longer. If you still feel sore afterwards, you know what to do!