Battling Irritable Bowel Syndrome With A Great Diet

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that can be life altering. The cause of this condition remains idiopathic or unknown and many specialists consider this a psychosomatic condition where the brain triggers an abnormal response in the digestive track causing spasm and painful cramp along with altered digestive habits and serious implications. The one thing to note here is though, that unlike in the case of Crohn’s or inflammatory bowel disease, IBS does not cause structural issues in the anatomy of your digestive system and while this condition is not labeled as curable, there are many individuals who have overcome it with the right lifestyle changes and diet. Here are some ways in which you can avoid flare ups and work towards getting remission.


There are ample resources online that outline in detail the components that fall into a low FODMAP diet. There are obviously the usual culprits like spice, oil and sugar to ignore at all times and healthy options that you can enjoy without a reaction. Try it out and see if it makes a difference.

Wheat – Friend or Foe?

Wheat can be alright in the case of some people, but not in the case of others. This is why it is very important for an individual with IBS to maintain a food dairy where he or she will be able to identify their specific trigger foods easily and avoid them in the future. While you cannot completely avoid wheat because it is so integrated into many of the main energy producing components of our daily meals, you can use substitutes such as vegetarian noodles UAE and bread or even things like Couscous that will not have a negative impact on your gut.

Plain Food and Vegetables

You can indulge in a wide variety of noodles such as plain toast, bagels, buns, rice, koka noodles and the likes while also taking in vegetables that will agree with you. Again refer to your foo dairy to find out which foods cause a flare up. Food such as sweet potatoes, peas, beans, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are common culprits even though the issues caused by each can range from one person to another.

Fruits, Not Too Much Not Too Little

Some people find that eating fruits can give them bloating and gas along with painful bowel movements. Fruits with a high quotient of fructose such as water melon, apples and papaw can cause these complications while bananas, cantaloupes, berries, mangoes and any citrusy fruits in moderate quantities are alright. Always remember never to eat fruits directly after a meal and to not take in too much at once and you will be fine.

Cutting out Unhealthy Habits

While diet is super important, one cannot overlook the importance of cutting out unhealthy habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol and stress. Stress, in fact has been one of the most concrete causes that have been linked to the initial trigger and cause of IBS. Maintaining a stress free environment as much as possible, a good work life balance, healthy relationships and financial stability is a great way to see that you have fewer complications on a free mind.