Tips And Suggestions On Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

If you’re someone who always feels frazzled when planning a party; then planning your baby’s first ever birthday party can feel like a nightmare. Handing over all the duties to a party planner is definitely less stressful; but where’s the fun in it? Besides, don’t you have years to go? Will you be using a party planner for every birthday party?

To make it completely stress free, our experts suggest you pay attention to the most important facts. Read ahead to find them.

Timing the whole affairWhen it comes to this party; your baby’s comfort and convenience is your priority. Plan your party accordingly. Most children are in a better mood right after their naptime; so, plan it so your party begins right after nap time. Make sure your party only last for around an hour and a half; the babies get antsy after this! Pro tip: It also helps if your baby girl dress or baby boy’s outfit is super comfy.

The budgetUnfortunately, these exist. And setting a budget and sticking to it is the biggest secret to a successful party. Your party’s theme, guest list, food…everything depends on this. Don’t forget the photographers as well, as these pictures are what will last for the future. Pro tip: Take your pictures (of the cake and the birthday baby) well before the party starts and guests start arriving.

Location of the partyApart from the dresses for baby girls in Singapore, the location of your party also makes a difference when it comes to your baby’s comfort. Planning your party in the comfort of your home is the best thing you could do, in order to make sure your party happens stress free. It’s also a good option as you needn’t worry about the safety of your child while she/he’s still learning to walk. Pro tip: Pick your decorations vigilantly. If your guests include children, you don’t really want them chocking on the decoration.

The guest list The smaller the guest list, the better it is. And we don’t mean it simply because it means dealing with a smaller budget, or having to organize less food. It’s also for (again) the comfort of your baby. The less strangers she or he has to deal with, the less overwhelmed they are bound to feel. This makes a huge difference on how your baby’s mood goes for the duration of the party. Pro tip: Invite only the VIPs of your life; the closest family and friends, the inner circle.

The foods and the drinksFocusing on the cake is vital. Sometimes, it helps to decide on the cake before anything else; as this can help with the theme as well. Remember, it’s a party and not a dinner. So, keep the food simple and kid friendly. Avoid things that cause a huge mess or stain furiously. Pro tip: Allot at least half of the party food to the professionals. If you’re handling the food, let the bakers handle the cake and likewise.